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 37th Annual Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference at Warm Beach
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Stanwood, Washington

March 14-17, 2019


Registration for the 2019 Conference will be opening November 3rd!
Check out the Classes and Details pages for information!

Once again we have a terrific lineup of instructors from around the world presenting an incredible variety of kites and techniques. More details will follow as we get into the fall but for now, mark the date on your calendar, check out the Classes tab and start drooling.

This past winter's Ft. Worden Kitemakers Conference at the Warm Beach facility, located in Stanwood, Washington, was once again a success with teachers and attendees from around the globe. The facilities continued to be comfortable and convenient, and the purpose, well, you know....  we made kites, learned new techniques and methods, saw old friends, made new ones, hopefully won a raffle item, and had a great weekend with other kite makers and flyers. If you did not join us in the past few years, you can check out the camp on their web site. We hope you join us next year for more kite making during a fun, relaxed weekend.

Our purpose is to make kites, learn new techniques and methods, see old friends, make new ones, hopefully win a raffle item, and have a great weekend with other kite makers and flyers. We hope you can join us!

If you are not on our email list, send us your contact information so you will receive email updates. Questions? Use this email link for them, too.  We don't send much mail, and definitely use your email address and name ONLY for our updates. We don't share.

And what is Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference? It is a wonderful gathering of kite makers from all around the world. It is an opportunity to learn, share information, and socialize with kite friends, new and old. We strive to have classes for everyone. Each year our curriculum committee puts together an exceptional list of teachers with classes to accommodate all skill levels and kiting interests. You are invited to join us for an unforgettable weekend! Click on the classes tab above to see past classes and teachers.

Dates for 2019         
The dates for the 2019 Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference at Warm Beach are March 14 through 17, 2019.  Be sure you are on our contact list for emailed updates. If you did not get an email from us regarding the this past conference,  drop us a note. We will be happy to add your name to our mailing list. Do you have a friend interested in attending next year's conference? Have them send us their email address and be placed on our mailing list, too.  We want you to join us next year!
Our general timeline
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(Always subject to change due to good kite flying weather.)

March, April, May, June:  Teachers apply for the following year's conference with their class offering(s).  Click here for more information: DETAILS or go directly to the teacher application page.

July:  Teachers and classes are selected and confirmed.

August:  Teachers and classes announced.  A preview of class offerings gets posted on the Classes page. We will let you know when that preview is on-line via email.

Late October/ early November:  Registration will happen through our new on-line process or by snail mail if you prefer. Complete registration information is available on-line. You can view and/or print helpful information right from your computer! The information is available through the Details tab above when registration opens.  Processing of registration forms happens as we receive them, first come, first served basis. Be on our email list so you will know the exact release date of the registration form and all the supporting information.


Spread the Word

Our planning committee will produce flyers describing the spread the wordconference and the dates. You can use these to share with your friends and associates. They will be available at kite events and kite shops each summer. Thank you for spreading the word about our conference!