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2008 Gallery



Our 2008 picture gallery is again a slide show using Macromedia Flash file format. To open the slide show, click on the 2008 logo on the left. A new window will open and all you have to do is click the auto play button. Easy to use buttons will allow you to pause the show, go back a picture, hide text, jump to another page. We hope you enjoy all 300 photos!

The slide show will take approximately 15 minutes to view in it's entirety. It is a lot of time but there are a lot of photos! We know that you may not have quite that much time right now. You can come back and pick your starting page. If you also want to start with a specific picture on that page, choose it by clicking on the thumb. Next click auto-play. The slide show will resume playing wherever you choose. 


See a photo you'd like to have a copy of? Please send an email to the webmistress with your request.


A big thanks to the following people for sharing their photographs from the 2008 Conference:  Ron Miller and David Robinson, Rick White, Mike Dallmer, Alexa King, John Freeman, Scott Slater, Bob Matteo, Donna Wendt, Ralf Maserski, Lance Ford, John Michaud, and Holm Struck.