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Kitemakers 2014 Gallery

Photos by Rob Pratt, Holm Struck and Bob Umbowers

(larger photos behind thumbs) 

looking across to Ft. Worden State Park Dan's Invader kite train class: Invader train class Invader Train
Holm's Hata Ray kite class
Peak in the Diamond kite class:
Holm's Hata class Alexa hard at work
 Peak in the Diamond Finished kites Linda working on her kite Holm's classroom
Holm teaching Linda Larkey's
Beaver Banner class:
Beaver banners at beach hard at work
  Robert Brasington's
Listeners kite class:
Robert Brasington's Whispers kite Robert's students completed kite
Working on it      
Cliff Quinn's One Piece
Jumbo Cody kite class:
Cliff Quinn's class Cliff Quinn One Piece Jumbo Cody kite
  Cliff's class    
 Dave Butler's
Celtic Miniature kite class: 
Dave Butler Butler Miniature kite Travis' finished miniature
Bas Vreeswijk's
rectangular kite class:
Charmayne in Bas' class students working Rainbow kite
Bas' class project      
Our incredible raffle:   raffle room raffle tickets anyone?
 President Sam  Greg Clark  Kara and Sam Bas' donation for the raffle
raffle kite raffle room    
   Bob & Charmayne Umbower's
Jimmy Pentagon kite class:
Making Jimmy's Jamie's Jimmy the Brand's Jimmy
Butch's Jimmy Sam's Jimmy Plain Jimmy and the sea turtle Jimmy   Rob's finished Jimmy Pentagon
Mark Engbaum's
Glider kite class
Mark and Donna Wendt Glider kite finished!
Cat Gabrel's
Hishi paper kite class:
spray booth assembling the design layering templates
Success! 2 more beautiful kites Charmayne did not breath any fumes! the Pennell's finished Hishi kite
Deb Cooley's
Delta Conyne kite class
Delta Conyne    
Don Mock's
Mini Mock kite class:
Don's class room 2008 MiniMock