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2001  Class List

Richard Barnes     Coupeville, Washington
Dick shares a keen sense of detail in everything from sewing to frame construction to bridle tying and adjustment, as you construct an 8' Pizazz sport kite.
Tyvek and Paint
Rhonda Brewer     Lincoln City, Oregon
Using everyday objects as tools in the art process, find easy, fun ways to be creative with shape and texture with paint on Tyvek for kitemaking.
Totem Kite
Roy Broadley     Basingstoke, England
Sew and construct a 1.5 meter variation of an award-winning, low aspect ratio totem kite designed by this ever-creative craftsperson.
Serti Paint Scarves
Diane Butler     Tigard, Oregon
Diane teaches the process of using vivid "Serti" paints on a piece of silk for use as a scarf or kite.
Pillow Tube Line Art
Sue Clark     Naches, Washington
Turn a series of inflated polyhedra into a flowing or rotating version of Frank Schweiman’s original "pillow tube" line art.
Distinctive Dragon Sock
Deb Cooley     Lincoln City, Oregon
For 2001, Deb tops her previous projects with an extra-long (10') version of her distinctive dragon sock!
Mylar Cellular
Georgean Curran     Edgewood, Washington
With an easy-to-build, 4-unit mylar and wood cellular kite, you take an impressive step toward a variety of configurations using the same modular units.
John Freeman     Parksville, British Columbia, Canada
John has developed a unique, "tall-skinny" kite as a vehicle for a spectacular "bargello" patterned sail.
Paper Fighters
Gary Goodenough     Vancouver, Washington
See a variety of handmade paper and painted kites and build an Indian-style fighter kite of exotic papers, bamboo and carbon fiber rod.
Kinetic Kites
Constanze & Wolfgang Grimsel     Oldenburg, Germany
Known for their kinetic kites and wind ornaments, Wolfgang and Constanze will teach a "kite in motion" with rotating part(s).
Japanese Edo
Dan Kurahashi     Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Dan leads a comprehensive class on using bamboo and Washi paper to make a traditional Japanese Edo-style, Shirone kite! He will also do a presentation on his computer drawing technique.
Bird Kites
Martin Lester     Bristol, England
Famous for his representational soft kites, Martin will teach the <i>framed</i> bird-shape kite he’s been making!
Western-style Fighter
Jeff MacInnis     Portland, Oregon
Build Jeff's competitive, guaranteed and fun-to-fly, Western-style, short line fighter kite of modern materials, then learn fine points of construction, tuning and flying.
Form and Function
Don Mock     Ruston, Washington
Don leads an exploration of shape and structural design, applying various approaches to inventing and creating your own unconventional kites.
Appliquéd Della Porta Kite
Sharon Musto     Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Experience Sharon's process, from the initial drawing to completion of a small, elegantly appliquéd della Porta kite, with original or available artwork.
Sewing Basics
Gerry Pennell     Olympia, Washington
Gerry offers the inexperienced sewer an opportunity to practice sewing basics with an emphasis on kitemaking materials and techniques.
Brew and Beans
George A. Peters     Seattle, Washington
Explore a kiteflier's Grenada. In one class, prepare and brew the beans and make and fly kites of the leaves of the native cacao plant. In another, learn to build an unusual, colorful Grenadian kite.
Design Enlightenment
Barry Poulter     Tacoma, Washington
Attain kite design enlightenment, with discussion of concepts and techniques in surface design and shape enhancement, and mind-expanding experiments in composition, perspective, distortion, enlargement and more.
Appliquéd the José Way
José Sainz     San Diego, California
José returns to teach his classic techniques for sewing and cutting appliqué in one of his striking designs on a simple hata-style kite.
Terry Sansom     Wimberly City, Texas
Try out the new and novel sewing system Terry has engineered for enabling even the beginner to sew perfect shapes... even blindfolded!
Line Climber
Kevin Shannon     Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Make a variation of the ancient Chinese kiteline climber using Kevin's precise methods with modern materials.
Paper and Patterns
Scott Skinner     Monument, Colorado
Discover ways to combine paper pieces in patterns or images to form the skin for a kite you'll make like Scott's newer, exquisitely subtle paper kites.
Self Portrait
Robert Trepaniér     Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Robert offers two classes: One, his signature class in making a life-size "self portrait" kite. In the other, compose a unique kite by arranging various verticals with 3 horizontals and covering certain areas in the grid with paper.
Double Parasled
Bob & Charmayne Umbowers     Gig Harbor, Washington
If you need a lifting kite (line art,etc.), you can make an efficient, small-but-powerful 1 x 1.6 meter double parasled with the experts!
The Yaripa Group     Medellin, Colombia
Ines Elvira Uribe and Jairo Montoya bring South American kite culture to the U.S.A. with a talk on preserving the use of "yaripa" (a native bamboo-like reed), and fostering play in Columbian kids, who face enormous hardships in everyday life. Take a class
Practical Polyethylene
Mary Yoshimi     Long Beach, Washington
Beginners can gather lots of practical kite sense from Mary by constructing her simple, sophisticated kite out of inexpensive, readily available materials.