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2008  Class List 


Painted and Sewn Kite   photo 
Dave and Diane Butler    Tigard, Oregon
Painting and sewing  a noodle kite.

Indoor diamond kite   photo 
Jerimy Colbert      Lincoln City, Oregon
Jerimy will be teaching an indoor diamond kite with appliqué. His 4 hour class is suitable for all levels of experience.
Digital Ohashi kite     photo     
Ken Conrad     Seattle, Washington
Ken will have class participants create an awesome Digitally printed Ohashi kite.
Big Banner!       photo   
Deb Cooley     Lincoln City, Oregon
Start your banner display or add to it by joining our own Diva Deb to create a large 10 to 13 foot banner!
Dallmer Bol  photo
Mike Dallmer      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mike will be teaching a 7 foot Dallmer Bol. Whether you want to race with it or let it bounce on the ground, this will make an impression! Mike's bol is one of our day and a half classes.
Lil' Genki kite   photo        Chew Toy accessory   photo
Dave Ellis     Overland Park, Kansas
Dave is coming back to Ft. Worden as a teacher this year. He offers 2 classes: his Lil' Genki kite and for the line laundry crowd, a sizeable ball he calls a Chew Toy.
Spinning Box kite    photo
Mark Engbaum     Renton, Washington
Mark returns to us as a seasoned instructor. This year's project will be a box kite.
Goin' and Comin' kite    photo      
John Freeman     Parksville, British Columbia, Canada
John's 8 foot long kite is made from 4 pieces of fabric and 3 spars. "What could be simpler?", he asks.
Tensegrity kite    photo  
Paul Horner     Quathiaski Cove, BC, Canada
Returning teacher Paul offers a two-sail  light wind kite. Check back later for project details.
Wasp Kite     photo         or an Extended Wing Mini Cody kite     photo
Dan Kurahashi     Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Spend time with Dan and pieces of bamboo. You will be offered an intricate Wasp kite or a mini Cody kite in his 4 hour classes.
Hopi Kachina Mask Della Porta kite    photo             second photo
Gail Lindsay     Yucaipa, California
Gail is a veteran Ft. Worden instructor and master appliqué artist. Experienced kite builders will enjoy her demanding appliqued Hopi Kachina Mask  kite project, one of the longer classes to be offered this year.
Mosaic rectangular kite    photo       second photo      
Ralf Maserski     Dortmund, Germany
Ralf is back with us for 2008, this time with an Edo style kite. The skin will have a mosaic pattern made with his special method. Ralf will be speaking English all weekend unless you address him in German - he will switch languages without losing a beat.
No-sew 2-cell Rhomboid Box kite    photo         second photo                               
Tom McAllister      Richmond, California
"Mr. Highline Kites" is returning to Ft. Worden with a no-sew cellular kite in 2008.
Skinny Rokkaku kite     photo
Barbara Meyer     Maple Grove, Minnesota
First coming as a student, then as a teacher, now as a veteran Ft. Worden teacher. This time Barb will share her version of a Skinny Rokkaku kite with an arrowhead pattern. Her project is a low-aspect ratio kite that is 36" wide and 96" tall.
Mock Form kite    photo    
Don Mock     Tacoma, Washington
Build a 58 square foot soft kite with Don over the course of the Ft. Worden weekend. This is his "Mock Form" kite.
Kite cards    photo 
Jeanne Mock     Tacoma, Washington
Spend a few hours with Jeanne to create beautiful embossed greeting cards with a kite (of course!) theme.
Basque kite      photo  
Helene and Paul Morgan     Shrewsbury, England
The Sky bums return to offer their Basque kite. Every kite will be unique to it's maker. Join this duo from the UK for a full day class.
Korean Wave Kite Train    photo 
Cliff Pennell     Olympia, Washington
All aboard! Add a train to your kite bag with Cliff as head engineer.
Beginning Sewing and Kite Making     photo
Gerry Pennell     Olympia, Washington
In the beginning there is Gerry!  This is the ideal starting point for all beginner kitebuilders and sewers. Learn invaluable hints and tricks and basic must know information plus come away with a Gregor Hip Pocket Hybrid sled kite in her 4 hour class.
Double Cell "Butterfly" kite    photo      second photo
Cliff Quinn     Coopersburg, Pennsylvania
Cliff is the 2005 AKA Grand Champion and 2006 Kitebuilder.com Kitebuilder of the Year. He will be with us to make his cellular butterfly kite with appliquéd graphics.
Appliqué with "Hose-A" Kite    photo
José Sainz     San Diego, California
Join José for what is certainly going to be a fun class. Learn from yet another master appliqué artist and AKA champion. José will present his techniques with this appliquéd kite.
Replica Washington Weather Bureau kite      photo
Bob Serack     Astoria, Oregon
A new teacher for Ft. Worden, Bob comes from Oregon to teach the Washington Weather Kite, a beautiful cellular kite.
Bookmark kite      photo  
Holm Struck     Bliedersdorf, Germany
Holm's Bookmark kite. As another returning teacher, he will lead his students through the paces to make their own bookmarks for the sky. Holm comes from Germany but don't worry, he also is fluent in English.
Replica Arno Haft Bird kite    photo   
Bob and Charmayne Umbowers     Gig Harbor, Washington
Join Bob and Charmayne in one of the extended classes this year to make a replica of Herr Arno Haft's 1950's bird kite. This ripstop nylon and carbon bird is a graceful flier.