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                    2009 Classes                                                      

The following classes were offered at the 2009 Ft. Worden Kitemakers Conference.

Photos have been added to show some of the completed projects.

2009 logo
Uncorner kite     photo
Mark Engbaum     Renton, Washington

Mark is offering to teach you his "un-corner" kite which is frameless with an X design. If you can't imagine how these three terms could ever go together in a kite, cast your curiosity to the wind, sign up for this class and get answers!

Snowy Owl kite     photo
Paul Fieber     Madison, Wisconsin

If you like bird kites, this lightweight "Snowy Owl" is for you.  Don't be fooled by the photo; this "little" owl has a 6 foot wingspan! It is made from half ounce ripstop nylon and mostly carbon rods. Paul's goal is for you to put a very light wind kite in your bag that is also a smooth gliding indoor kite.

Design Your Own Box kite      photo          second photo 
John Freeman     Parksville, British Columbia, Canada

Take one square piece of fabric, make a few folds, get out your knife and slash it here and there; do a bit of sewing, add the sticks and presto--you have a six foot long winged cellular kite with a box of your own design.

Astrofighter Kite     photo
Kathy Goodwind      Seattle, Washington

Kathy offers the student an Afghani Fighter kite which she produced in the early 90's but it's your choice on how to fill the 24" format to have your own unique kite.  Plus learn some new techniques from Kathy.

So So kite     photo          second photo       Cliff and Gerry's finished kite    Charmayne's kite flying! 
Rainer Hoffman     Husum, Germany

Rainer comes all the way from Germany to teach his exciting new creation. 'So So' is a clever German wordplay: it can mean either 'this way, that way', or 'really?'. Intrigued? Check out the photos and you'll know why.

Not a Cody kite     photo     Georgean's finished kite
Paul Horner     Quathiaski Cove, British Columbia, Canada

This year Paul offers a beautiful three dimensioned kite that looks so complicated, but isn't. It is an easy to assemble cellular kite that flies very nicely and is easily converted between two configurations.

Japanese Shibori dyeing      photo
Greg Kono     Seattle, Washington

What can you do with a 15"-18" commercial coffee filter?  The answer, make a kite!  Greg will teach you the traditional Shibori dyeing process and you complete the kite with bamboo framing.

Swan kite     photo      Bob Umbowers' finished kite 
Karl Longbottom     Herefordshire, England

A new teacher for Ft. Worden, Karl will teach his graceful Swan kite which flies as well as the real thing! Build this great kite and learn some new techniques at the same time.

Indoor mini kite train      photo
Tom McAllister      Richmond, California

If you saw Tom flying his mini train during meals last year and wanted your own, this is your chance.  If you missed the show, trust us, you will like it!  Spend a few hours with Mr. Highline Kites and come away with a beautiful indoor train of your own.

Dream Catcher     photo
Jeanne Mock     Tacoma, Washington

Did you ever want to let all the good kitemaking dreams through and keep out all those bad kitemaking dreams?  Here's your chance to make a dream catcher to help that happen.

The Starting Point       photo
Gerry Pennell     Olympia, Washington

Gerry's 4 hour class is the perfect starting point for all beginner kitebuilders and sewers alike. Learn invaluable hints and tricks and basic must-know kite building information plus come away with a wonderful Gregor Hip Pocket Hybrid sled kite.

Modern Marconi kite      photo          second photo      Bob Matteo's finished kite           
Cliff Quinn     Cooperburg, Pennsylvania

Cliff's Modern Marconi is a good flying kite of a shape not often seen. Cliff has taken the old Marconi-jib kite and modernized it, making construction much simpler. You will have a choice of graphics.

Heavy Air kite       photo          second photo
Dan Schwenk     Bothell, Washington

If building a kite using sticky tape is a skill you have or want to have, then this class is for you. Dan is offering a neoclassical Cody Varient using Tyvek and plenty of jokes to go along with the assembly. Guaranteed fun class!

14 foot banner       photo          second photo 
Bob Serack     Astoria, Oregon

Celebrate your patriotism with a 14 foot banner representing either the American or Canadian flag. Easy sewing and a bit of appliqué to make this a great looking addition to your beach display. Advanced sewers will have the option of upgrading to make a more difficult "name banner" as in the second photo.

White Stripes kite       photo
Nigel Spaxman     Richmond, British Columbia Canada

Nigel's eight foot tall kite will fly in very light winds. The framework is very light due to some of Nigel's special techniques. After building this kite you may want to use these techniques for other kites as they work so well.

Small kite and traditional Japanese painting   photo    second photo   3 of the finished kites 
Nobuhiko Yoshizumi     Kyoto, Japan

This is your chance to be in a class that is taught by a expert Japanese kite maker. He will offer several sizes of Koi fish kites made in the tradition of almost every region of Japan. Nobuhiko has studied with other masters to preserve Japanese kite traditions and shares his passion with us.