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2010 Classes


These were the classes which made up the curriculum for the 2010 Ft. Worden Kitemakers Conference.

A great big thank you to all our teachers and to all the attendees.

Knots for the Knotless
Rod Beamguard    Vancouver, Washington

Always wish you knew how to tie "that" knot? Rod knows how! Join him for a few hours and come away knottier than you were.

Concentric Appliqué           photo 
Robert Brasington     St. Helens, Tasmania

Robert returns to us with another of his dramatic designs. The kite is constructed using a concentric pattern of ever decreasing shapes to build into an optical illusion of light in the center. And like Marla says, “He is the nicest man in the world”.

Wind Rose spinner           photo                          
Robert Brasington     St. Helens, Tasmania

The second class Robert offers is a kinetic workshop utilizing one of his amazing spinners. Check out the photo of his Wind Rose and then join this 4 hour class.

Bermuda Octagon kite        photo          second photo
Mike Button     Bellingham, Washington

Mike returns after a long teaching hiatus with a spectacular six foot octagon. This modern materials version of the Bermuda kite will be a sure crowd pleaser with its strong graphics.

Quilt Me a Kite on a Kite         photo           second photo
Deb Cooley    Lincoln City, Oregon

Join the kite Diva to construct a kite using quilting methods and designed especially for this year's conference. You can count on good times and a beautiful finished product.

Elements kite         photo          second photo   
Dave Ellis     Overland Park, Kansas

David brings us a kite that resulted from a design contest. It is called the Elements Kite and is a combination of a delta, sled and cellular kite. This will be a different looking kite and will fly at a high angle.

Star kite          photo     second photo     third photo
Mark Engbaum     Renton, Washington

In 2007 Mark taught a wonderful train of small star shaped kites. You've probably seen these trains at local festivals. This year Mark returns to teach those kite's big brother. This time around, join one of our area's great kite engineers for a day to construct his full sized five pointed Star Kite.

Log Cabin Eddy kite         photo          second photo
John Freeman     Parksville, British Columbia, Canada

Mr. Eddy goes wild, but not John! John offers a five foot Eddy kite done with a variation on Log Cabin graphics. There will be at least five variations in color arrangements and any colors you want!

Funky Alien kite         photo
Normand Girard    Quebec, Canada

Normand's first time at The Fort will bring us a kite which is way out of the ordinary. A master of designing unusual and unexpected kites, he will share one of them with us in 2010.

Poster Genki kite         photo          second photo
Paul Horner     Quathiaski Cove, British Columbia, Canada

The Poster Genki is a big, spectacular kite--the ultimate canvas for graphics. Paul taught this class a couple of years ago at Fort Worden, and so many people were disappointed to have missed it and anxious to make it, he has agreed to do it again.

Mini Mock kite          photo           second photo 
Don Mock      Tacoma, Washington

If you missed your chance in the past to build one of Don’s 20 Sq. Ft. soft foils, here is your chance to make one. You will have the option to appliqué the face before you come to the Conference.

Single-celled kite        photo          second photo 
Mike Mosman     Columbia, Maryland

Join a former AKA Grand National Champion as he returns to teach a new kite he developed just for Fort Worden. It is a slightly star-shaped one-celled kite approximately 4’ by 2’ long. It is designed to fold in 15 seconds and slip into a 4’ long bag. Appliqué your panels beforehand and come to class to complete a unique and beautiful kite.

The Starting Point         photo
Gerry Pennell     Olympia, Washington

As in the past, and will be again, Gerry's 4 hour class is the perfect starting point for all beginner kitebuilders and sewers alike. Learn invaluable hints and tricks and basic must-know kite building information plus come away with a wonderful Gregor Hip Pocket Hybrid sled kite.

Modified Cross Deck kite        photo           second photo                         
Cliff Quinn     Cooperburg, Pennsylvania

Cliff has re-engineered and simplified the original Cross Deck. This is a great looking, great flying cellular kite.

Miniature Facet kite       photo  
Susan Skinner     California

We're pleased to welcome Susan for the first time as she presents her award winning miniature facet kite. Spend time with the AKA past president constructing this delicately beautiful 4-inch cellular kite from bamboo and origami tissue.

Classic Voigtländer kite        photo
Bob and Charmayne Umbowers     Gig Harbor, Washington

Our favorite teaching couple offer a classic cotton and wood Voigtländer bird kite. It has a wing span of 2.5 meters. It is a simple kite to ready for flying and a beautifully performing kite in the air.  Here is an opportunity to have a classic kite in your bag!