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2011 Classes

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The following classes were offered at the 2011 Ft. Worden Kitemakers Conference.

Photos have been added to show some of the completed projects.

Castle kite        photo
Deb Cooley    Lincoln City, Oregon

Let’s face it—you always wanted your own castle. Spend a day with The Diva and you can have it all—and it flies too!
Postcard Genki kite        photo     second photo                 Jeani's Postcard       Patrick's Postcard
Bary Crites     Olympia, Washington

Bary’s “Postcard Genki” is the little brother to the Poster Genki. An ideal size and shape for all those graphics you couldn’t find the right kite for. Prepare your own design in advance or use one from Bary in class. 

Collar and Tie kite        photo     second photo
Mark Engbaum     Renton, Washington

Going out for the evening? Don’t forget your collar and tie. Or, build Mark’s Collar and Tie kite for those less formal times of flying kites. This modified European kite design is a winner whatever the dress code.

Titanium kite         photo    second photo 
Rainer Hoffman     Husum, Germany
Rainer returns with another unique kite. His “Titanium” is an unusual combination of shapes, graphics, and materials adding up to a kite like no other.
Optical Illusion Rokkaku kite           photo
Paul Horner     Quathiaski Cove, British Columbia, Canada
Build one of Paul’s “Light Wind Rokakkus” for those times when the wind just won’t cooperate. You will love learning his unusual graphics, too.
Wind through the Hair banners         photo    second photo              Finished Banners
Carveth Kramer     Taos, New Mexico

For Carveth’s first visit to Fort Worden you will make two small banners with whimsical and adorable cartoon faces and flowing hair. You get to chose your favorites from among his family of characters. The banners are about 5 feet tall: a great size for his cartoon faces.


Kirigami Paper Miniature kite         photo    second photo
Tom McAlister    Richmond, California

Tom is back with another of his wonderful little paper kites—this time in the Kirigami style. Similar to Origami, but you cut the paper as well as folding it. Choose among Tom’s collection of designs.


Double Delta Conyne kite         photo
Barb Meyer     Maple Grove, Minnesota

This time Barb is bringing us her “Double Delta Conyne.” This big kite will be one of the most reliable kites in your bag, and is a good lifter, too. Line laundry fliers, take note!


The Starting Point          photo
Gerry Pennell     Olympia, Washington

Our conference would not be complete without Gerry’s kite sewing for beginners class. If you are new to this hobby you owe it to yourself to take Gerry’s class and get the foundation of knowledge you don’t want to be without plus you make a wonderful sled kite designed by Margaret Greger.


Kite Building Round Table
Rob Pratt and Mark Engbaum, moderators     Lacey, Washington and Renton, Washington

Join master kite builders Rob Pratt and Mark Engbaum as they lead an open discussion about the tools, methods, materials and supply sources used in kite design and building. This is not designed to be a lecture, so bring your favorite show and tell items, questions, problems, hints and tricks as well as your notebook, pencil, and camera.


Tensioned Tetrahedron kite       photo     second photo       Holm's kite       In the sky    Deb Cooley's kite
Cliff Quinn     Cooperburg, Pennsylvania

Cliff will be teaching another wondrous kite—this time a high-tech tetrahedron using one or two colors. Alexander Graham Bell would be proud to see how his invention has grown up!


Flowform kite         photo           second photo
Phil Scarfe     Tilehurst, England

The soft kite master offers his take on the Flowform, specifically designed by Phil to be trainable. The class project is an undecorated 15 square foot kite with a 65’ tapering tubular tail. Make the first with Phil and go home with dimensions, drawings, instructions and confidence to build more.


Sky Window kite      photo           second photo              Jamie's Window
Peter Schmidt     Kiel,Germany

Peter offers his “Sky Window,” a square-but-not-square kite that can be flown in different configurations. The second photo of Peter's Sky Window shows 2 views of the same kite. One has the removable and replaceable center panel in place, the other lets you look at the sky through his window frame. As always, Peter brings an imaginative kite to the conference.


Pear Top kite     photo           second photo               Bill's Pear Top
Bob and Charmayne Umbowers     Gig Harbor, Washington

Bob and Charmayne have done it again—an old kite design transformed with modern materials. A modern version of the “Pear Top” kite, their kite is a simple shape with traditional designs. You will have your choice of seven designs from easy to difficult. Learn appliqué or improve your appliqué skills with Charmayne's hints and tricks.


Miniature Cody kite       photo   
Rick White     Renton, Washington

A twelve inch Cody! Rick's miniature Cody uses ripstop nylon fabric with split bamboo spars, which you will learn to split and work yourself. Add the bridle and learn how to adjust it to make your little Cody kite fly.