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          2012  Classes          

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Bird on the Wire kite        photo        second photo 
Rod Beamguard   Vancouver, Washington     AND     Carveth Kramer   Taos, New Mexico                                               

The Bird on the Wire is the last kite John Freeman adapted for Fort Worden. This kite measures 8 feet wide by 8 feet tall and is a very steady flier in all but the lightest of winds. You will walk away with a good kite with fairly unique framing. John designed it with easy assembly and disassembly in mind. This is your opportunity to build John’s last kite with the teaching duo of two returning teachers, Rod and Carveth. A Bird on the Wire will be a welcome addition to your kite bag!!

Star kite        photo 
Deb Cooley    Lincoln City, Oregon

Learn how to appliqué using Deb's unique hot cut technique and make an eight-sided star kite that looks like stained glass.  You will have several choices for your appliqué plus two sizes to choose from.

A Tale of Tails        photo        second photo 
Georgean Curran   Edgewood, Washington

Are you lacking enough tails in your kite bag or a good variety of types? More than just adding interest and movement in the sky, tails can provide an important function for kites. Come spend time with Georgean to master fuzzy tails, transition tails, shear tails, and the all important drogue.

Painted ripstop nylon Suruga-style kite         photo          second photo
Mark Engbaum    Renton, Washington     AND     Susan Lennon    Riva, Maryland

From coast to coast this duo is sure to give you wonderful time and an excellent painted ripstop nylon kite. Susan, a professional artist, starts out with you. You will learn her ripstop nylon painting technique and paint a kite skin. Yes, anyone will be successful!! This is Susan's first time at Ft. Worden but she is a seasoned instructor at kite building workshops. Her goal is for you to have a successful experience:  learn that the "non-artist you" really is artistic. As you paint your kite skin, learn color theory and composition. Susan will help you to paint on colored ripstop as well as white, enabling you to appliqué a lot of punch,  power, and appeal into your skin. In a separate class, Mark will take over and you will complete a Japanese Suruga-style kite using your painted skin. The kite is about 4 feet tall and Mark has engineered it to be a stable flier.

Hexy kite        photo             second photo
Sam King    La Conner, Washington

Our president is going to be wearing a teaching hat this coming 2012 and share his box kite, the "Hexy". Sam, known and loved by us all, is one of our new instructors but is certainly a kite master and not new to teaching. The "Hexy" will be a two color kite made up of nine hexagonal cells.  The kite flies well in a very wide wind range and utilizes some interesting construction techniques, modified from the work of Tom McAllister. Color options, construction options, assembly options. Stay tuned for more information for Sam's "Hexy".

Ghost train kite
        photo               second photo
Dan Kurahashi    Burnaby, BC CANADA

Dan makes a welcome return to us this year as the second international teacher on our list. Dan is our "resident" Japanese kite expert and a train and miniature master. This year he is offering a plastic ghost train. You will make ten 12" x 23" kites from colored plastic material and build them into a train.  This is a non-sewing class offering.

FanBan banner        photo
Linda Larkey    Liberty, Missouri

Linda is another experienced but first time instructor for Ft. Worden. Join her for a day to make a 13-foot "Fanban" banner using a “French” type seam and her special method of sleeving banners. This tapered sleeve reduces stress on banner poles, and the reinforcement at the top reduces/eliminates the dreaded “poke through” problem.  Linda has broken down the FanBan into very easy steps. Whether your first banner or one of a group, the FanBan will be an attractive banner to display.

3do kite        photo 
Paul & Helene Morgan    Shropshire, United Kingdom

Returning to us from the UK are Paul and Helene, the third on our international teacher list. Remember the exquisite Basque kite they brought in 2008? The 3do is just as exciting and one not to miss. Each participant will end up with an individually designed single line kite over 5 feet tall. Design your own or let Paul and Helene assist you, use the supplied kits to applique your masterpiece. The 3do kite flies at a good angle in a wide range of winds and looks stunning in the sky. Be sure to look at their 3do gallery (link above) to see more examples.

Beginning Kitemaking        photo
Gerry Pennell    Olympia, Washington

For every beginning kitebuilder is Gerry's four hour class. This is the ideal starting point for all beginner kitebuilders and sewers. If you are new to kitebuilding and kite sewing, you will learn invaluable hints and tricks and basic must-know information plus come away with the fabulous flying Gregor Hip Pocket Hybrid sled kite. Here is your chance to get kite building and sewing knowledge you don’t want to be without. Let Gerry's class be your foundation for the rest of your class choices.  Note to non-novice kite builders: if you need a fill-in class where you will learn a lot or just want a Hip Pocket Hybrid sled in your back pocket, you are welcome to join Gerry's class.

Kite builders' Roundtable, take 2 
Rob Pratt    Lacey, Washington

Rob will be heading and leading another roundtable in 2012 due to popular demand. This year, bring your questions, suggestions, samples and tools for making pockets and sleeves. What works for you, what doesn't. The second topic is bridles. Help demystify this essential part of a kite. Or learn what the kite experts have learned. We have a lot of experienced kite makers and fliers coming to Ft. Worden. This is a great opportunity to pick their brains and learn tricks of the trade. The roundtable is for both sharing and absorbing! Lead by Rob and his kite knowledge and meeting skills, it is a forum for all to attend, share, and learn.

Tangram kite        photo           Zeddy kite        photo                 Box kite        photo 
Holm Struck    Bliedersdorf, GERMANY

The fourth on our international guest list is returning teacher Holm Struck. Hardly more needs to be said! Join Holm for your choice of 2 classes. In the Tangram class, he will amaze you with the number of different kite combinations that can be made from the same six shapes. Leftovers from the Tangram will give you a "Zeddy" kite.  His other class will be excellent for beginners, a small four hour box kite. Join Holm for an great time and great classes.