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            The official list of 2013 Classes          


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Malay kite        photo                                           
Rod Beamguard   Vancouver, Washington                                              

The Malay kite, first introduced in the USA in the late 1800's, is a tailless kite. The diamond shape is probably the most well-known kite shape world over. Let Rod, one of Ft. Worden's many experienced teachers, help you build what will be a welcome addition to your kite bag!!

Photographic Ripstop Appliqué  Rokkaku kite        photo
Ron Bohart   Tigard, Oregon

First time teacher Ron Bohart is offering his advanced appliqué techniques for you to add to your repertoire.  Keep tuned for details! Ron is planning on students appliquéing a portrait and then completing the one meter Rokkaku kite.

Painted Ohashi kite        photo            second photo
Dave & Diane Butler    Tigard, Oregon

Returning teachers Dave and Diane are teaming up and offering a painted Ohashi kite for your consideration. Paint with Diane and then let Dave lead you in the completion of the kite using your painted skin.

Bill Gobel Cellular kite          photo 
Deb Cooley    Lincoln City, Oregon

Not just your ordinary box kite! Join Deb for a fun day to build a winged cellular kite designed by kite master Bill Gobel. A definite beauty.

Rolonyne kite       photo       
Simon Crafts    Vanlue, Ohio

Join the 2011 Grand National Champion and come away with a kite designed by Simon which he calls a Rolonyne. It is a large sticked and framed kite using the Steiff Roloplan as it's base.

3D Rokaku kite         photo   
Mark Engbaum    Renton, Washington

One of our favorite teachers plus a member of the Curriculum committee is offering a Rokaku with a 3-D look. The question here is "to sew or not to sew". Mark offers both!

Triple Winged kite
Ron Gibian    Visalia, California

Join master kite builder Ron Gibian for a day to build a kite created especially for us. As an added bonus, he will also lead our Kite Building Forum and Roundtable on Sunday.

Stack 7 kite        photo 
Ralf Maserski    Dortmund, Germany

Ralf is our international guest teacher in 2013. He has taught multiple times for us and this kite will be no less a favorite in the sky. The Stack 7 looks three dimensional but it is actually a flat kite. Looks can be deceiving!

Cloud Seeker box kite         photo
Barbara Meyer  Maple Grove, Minnesota

Returning to us again from the Midwest is Barb Meyer. This master kite builder and experienced teacher is offering a wonderful old kite called the Cloud Seeker. The kite has gone by several names but it is always a crowd pleaser in the sky and is a great kite to travel with. It is very adaptable in regards to being plain or decorated, as a single flyer or in a train, and in the wind range it can handle.  A class not to be missed!

Junk Yard Hex kite        photo 
Cliff Pennell    Olympia, Washington

For every kite you build, your scrap pile increases. Right? Not so with Cliff's Junk Yard Hex. He will show you how to make the most of all those scraps and turn them into a Hex kite. Cliff's mantra for this class is "waste not, want not"!

Beginning Kitemaking        photo 
Gerry Pennell    Olympia, Washington

For every beginning kitebuilder is Gerry's four hour class. This is the ideal starting point for all beginner kitebuilders and sewers. If you are new to kitebuilding and kite sewing, you will learn invaluable hints and tricks and basic must-know information plus come away with the fabulous flying Gregor Hip Pocket Hybrid sled kite. Here is your chance to get kite building and sewing knowledge you don’t want to be without. Let Gerry's class be your foundation for the rest of your class choices.  Note to non-novice kite builders: if you need a fill-in class where you will learn a lot or just want a Hip Pocket Hybrid sled in your back pocket, you are welcome to join Gerry's class.

Quilt Block Square Diamond kite          photo
Rob Pratt    Lacey, Washington

This is the fourth time Rob will be at Ft. Worden in the role of a teacher and he brings us a beautiful kite. Spend the day with him to build his quilt block square diamond kite.

Mezger kite       photo            
Bob and Charmayne Umbowers    Gig Harbor, Washington

The Mezger is one of those kites you will take out of your kite bag time after time. This big kite is a modern adaptation of a German 1950's kite by Erwin Mezger. Join Bob and Charmayne to learn techniques and tricks, the whys and why not's as you build this well-behaved flyer.