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Listeners kite        photo                                             
Robert Brasington   St. Helens, TASMANIA                                              

Robert is returning for the 5th time and will be offering a spectacular kite in a two day workshop. He has offered this kite in a slightly different variation internationally and now wants to give Ft. Worden kite builders the opportunity to build this 1.5 meter kite and its 5 meters long tails. The Listeners is a proven flier and one you will be proud to say "I built it in Robert's workshop".
Celtic Miniature kite         photo
Dave Butler    Tigard, Oregon

Dave will be teaching for the 5th time as well in 2014, but this time on his own. He is offering a miniature kite. The photo shows a representative class offering. Miniature kites are wonderful to fly to amaze spectators, enjoy on those no-wind mornings, to fly on rainy days inside and simply to display in your home. Join Dave for a day and come away with a lovely miniature.

Delta Conyne kite          photo
Deb Cooley    Lincoln City, Oregon
Deb's offering this year is a kite she has sworn by for over 35 years. Definitely a proven winner! Students will join seven pieces of fabric to create their own unique color combination.

Indoor glider kite        photo             second photo      video of Mark flying his indoor glider
Mark Engbaum    Renton, Washington

9- time teacher Mark is returning with another interesting project. This is a perfect kite for the no-wind at the beach day or when you want to fly indoors. Join Mark for a fun class. This kite is a must make / must have for indoor flying and on days the wind is slow in arriving when you are ready to fly.

Hishi kite        photo             second photo   
Cat Gabrel
    Stillwater, Oklahoma

Join Cat, a new teacher for us, and make the Hishi kite. This is a traditional Japanese style kite made of washi paper and bamboo. Using layered templates and spray paint, you will create a one of a kind work of art. Cat is an experienced kite kit builder and teacher you will surely enjoy.

Invader kite train       photo             second photo 
Dan Kurahashi    Burnaby, BC CANADA

Dan is one of four international guest teachers in 2014. He has taught multiple times for us, 24 to be exact!!! He is our very own Japanese kite and kite train expert. This simple-to-build kite turns into a wonderful train. You will learn techniques to work with bamboo including how to split, fine tune, and bend it. Dan will give you lots of information about the different plastics and teach you how to join pieces together using heat sealing. And you will learn about kite trains such as what kind of kites are suitable for trains, how to join individual kites into a train, and very importantly you will learn about flying trains.  This would be where, when, how to launch, fly and retrieve your train.  In the class you will make 10 plastic multi colored plastic Invader kites, tie them into a train and test fly them.  Join Dan for a day of kite building and learning.

Beaver Banner      photo          second photo
Linda Larkey  Liberty, Missouri

Returning to us again from the Midwest is Linda. She will be offering a banner workshop. This is a large project which will be quickly completed due to her pre-assembly shortcuts. Linda tells us her Beaver Banner looks great in a group, perfect for enhacing your beach space, for kite festival days and parties of all sorts.

Mini Mock kite      photo          second photo
Don Mock  Renton, Washington

If you missed your chance in the past to build one of Don’s 20 square foot soft foils, he is offering it again in 2014. You will have the option to appliqué the face before you come to the Conference, making this a personalized, uniquely-you project.

Beginning Kitemaking        photo 
Gerry Pennell    Olympia, Washington

For every beginning kitebuilder is Gerry's four hour class. This is the ideal starting point for all beginner kitebuilders and sewers. If you are new to kitebuilding and kite sewing, you will learn invaluable hints and tricks and basic must-know information plus come away with the fabulous flying Gregor Hip Pocket Hybrid sled kite. Here is your chance to get kite building and sewing knowledge you don’t want to be without. Let Gerry's class be your foundation for the rest of your class choices.  Note to non-novice kite builders: if you need a fill-in class where you will learn a lot or just want a Hip Pocket Hybrid sled in your back pocket, you are welcome to join Gerry's class.

One Piece Jumbo Cody kite         photo           second photo
Cliff Quinn    Cooperburg, Pennsylvania

Edge binding, long sleeves, reinforcements and tensioners, a day and a half and an interesting 7 foot wing span one piece Cody kite. All with Pennsylvania's Cliff Quinn, one of our many experienced, returning teachers.

Diamond with a Peak kite           photo
Holm Struck    Bliedersdorf, GERMANY

Our international teacher coming from Germany is Holm Struck. He has two offerings to choose from:

First is a diamond kite sporting a peak which is done with applique and patchwork. You will also make a smaller kite from the scraps leftover from the diamond kite. See both in the photo link above.

Hata Ray kite          photo           second photo

Holm's second class will make a Hata style kite.  It's bold black and white stripes will be a standout in the sky.

Jimmy Pentagon kite            photo            second photo                       
Bob and Charmayne Umbowers    Gig Harbor, Washington

The Jimmy Pentagon is a large kite for light wind. Easy sewing, easy rods, color choices, and a little bit of applique all add up to a happy kite in the sky.
Rectangular kite            photo            second photo       
Bas Vreeswijk    Haaksbergen, NETHERLANDS

Returning teacher Bas Vreeswijk is our 4th international teacher. He will bring a twist, no, a fold to kite building with this class. You will be folding fabric to give a 3-d aspect to a flat kite.