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             2015  Classes          

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Shield kite          photo 
Mark Engbaum    Westport, Washington

Mark is teaching his shield shaped kite which you will decorate using the reverse applique technique. This will be a fun one-day class.
Hargrave Box kite     possibilities:     photo             second photo
Chris Hanson    Bellingham, Washington

Chris is a new teacher for us in 2015. He is offering a cellular kite. This 2 cell box kite was developed in 1893 by Lawrence Hargrave. The photos show what is possible for his class. Chris' class is one of our 2-day offerings.

Recycled Kinetics      photo             second photo         third photo        link to a short youtube video of Grant's spinners (a new window will open)
Grant Lovett    Brownsburg, Indiana
We occasionally offer classes with a project other than a kite, such as a banner class. For 2015 we have Grant's wind toy class for you.  Flowers and the vertically hung spinners are inexpensive, quick and easy to make. Join Grant for a half day and learn a fun way to recycle!

Travel Tosa kite     class project:  photo         variations:  second photo      third photo 
Barb Meyers    Maple Grove, Minnesota

Barb will be coming back to teach her 6th time. Once again, she has a great class ready for us, the Travel Tosa. With the longest spar less than a yard long, this kite will be easy to tuck into your vehicle or suitcase. Unroll it and you will be ready to "go fly a kite" in just seconds. Join this very experienced kite maker and teacher for a fun half day.

Painting and sewing the Ohashi Variant kite           photo    second photo    third photo
Don Mock
    Tacoma, Washington

Don, one of Ft. Worden's favorites, comes back for the 14th time in 2015. Join him to make your own uniquely painted Ohashi Variant.

Beginning Kitemaking        photo           variations:  second photo
Gerry Pennell    Olympia, Washington

For every beginning kitebuilder is Gerry's four hour class. This is a good starting point for all beginner kitebuilders and sewers. If you are new to kitebuilding and kite sewing, you will learn hints and tricks and basic must-know information plus come away with the fabulous flying Gregor Hip Pocket Hybrid sled kite. Here is your chance to get kite building and sewing knowledge you don’t want to be without. Let Gerry's class be your foundation for the rest of your class choices.  Note to non-novice kite builders: if you need a fill-in class where you may learn some new tricks or just want a Hip Pocket Hybrid sled in your back pocket, you are welcome to join Gerry's class. Web-mistress note: the Gregor Hip Pocket Hybrid is a "grand" kite to make for grandchildren, see second photo!

Spook kite     class project:    photo         variations:  second photo
Kevin Sanders  Willunga, Australia

We welcome Kevin back for the third time. He will bring us a light wind - or no wind glider- kite which is uncomplicated to make and fly. This kite is designed by Kevin and has a sail shape which will give you lots of opportunity to later customize it with a variety of decorative techniques. Kevin's class will be lots of fun plus be a great learning experience with a kite you will enjoy over and over.

Feather Banner        photo             second photo 
Linda Sanders  Willunga, Australia

Our third new teacher in 2015 is Linda Sanders, professional banner maker from Willunga, Australia. Join Linda for a wonderful day of banner making. Choose from the lovely China Lady banner or a lattice design. Whether this is your first banner or one to add to the row of banners you already display, you will enjoy her class and product plus all the information Linda will be presenting and sharing. With 17 years of professional banner making experience, you will be learning!

Patchwork Delta Variant, a Lee Toy Delta kite        photo                                        
Deb Tumminia    Lincoln City, Oregon                                              

Deb is returning for an amazing 23rd time and will be offering a special kite. The kite is a patchwork delta variant built by Lee Toy in the late 1980's. Lee, one of kiting's wonderful gems, but now lost to us, can be remembered with this kite.  Join Deb for a terrific day with a terrific class.
Koi kite            photo     variations:   second photo                     
Bob and Charmayne Umbowers    Gig Harbor, Washington

If you do not have a light wind kite to swim through the air, this class is for you. Join Bob and Charmayne for a day and come away with a proven flyer which is based on the late Japanese kite master Nobuhiko Yoshhizumi's miniature version.
Masters applique class              photo       
Bas Vreeswijk    Haaksbergen, NETHERLANDS

Returning teacher Bas Vreeswijk will join us again in 2015 at Warm Beach. He will bring a master's applique class in which you will sew a lovely Sanjo style Rokkaku kite skin. Join this 2 day applique class and learn from a master.