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2016  Classes

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Electric Slim kite           photo        second photo      third photo
Robert Brasington n   St. Helens, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA

For his sixth time teaching for Fort Worden Kitemakers, Robert is offering two classes in 2016. The Electric Slim is a large kite using your choice of Robert's signature color schemes. You will love flying this kite in light to medium winds with it's long, long tail.
Powers Kite Train           photo        second photo  
Robert Brasington n   St. Helens, Tasmania, AUSTRALIA

The Powers kite train is one of Robert's original designs, gaining compliments whenever and wherever flown. Be part of the first group to actually get to build one in a class! Elegant and functional in flight, simple to build. Choose just a single kite or build 2 or 3 to train.
Trigon Box kite          photo        second photo      third photo 
Carsten Domann    Berlin, GERMANY

First time teaching for Fort Worden Kitemakers, Carsten brings his original design, the Trigon Box. Bob and Charmayne saw this kite flying on Fanø, loved it, made their own and convinced Carsten to teach attendees to build their own, too. It is definitely a unique box kite you will enjoy flying often.
Bridles and beyond 
Mark Engbaum    Westport, Washington

Eleven time teacher Mark Engbaum will lead you through the intricacies of bridles. Demystify this vital part of every kite. Learn the function, types and styles, how to adjust them, lots of tips you will use each time you put a kite into the air.
Giant Train             photo        second photo      third photo (design possibilities)
Cat Gabrel    Stillwater, Oklahoma

Cat is returning for a second time teaching with a no-sew diamond kite. Make a train from your choice of several options, including one you can decorate yourself. Cat gives you a choice of length, too. Having a really long train in your kite bag is wonderful on light wind days.

Seven foot Rokkaku kite      photo        second photo      third photo
Dan Kurahashi    Burnaby, BC, CANADA

Dan is one our long-standing teachers, teaching for a whooping twenty-fifth time! This time he gives us a chance to finish a kite skin painted by a professional Japanese kite builder. Each 7’ high Rokkaku Japanese Shoji paper skin will have a different design. You can also choose the smaller Rokkaku as shown in the third photo.
Swallowtail Delta kite       photo  
Barb Meyer    Maple Grove, Minnesota

Barb returns from the Midwest a seventh time teaching for Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference. Spend a day with Barb to build her lovely swallowtail. Details to follow!
Tapered ba 6 kite         photo     second photo 
Helene Morgan    Shropshire, UNITED KINGDOM

A new teacher for us, but not really! Helene is a familar face teaching along side Paul. This year Helene will be at the forefront with an intriguing tri-color winged kite with a matching tail. You will be choosing colors as well as your choice of a symmetrical or asymmetric design prior to the class. Once finished, your kite can be personalized further with such things as an added star or tassels, etc.

Telephone Box kite       photo  (telephone box)       second photo  (police box)
Paul Morgan  Shropshire, UNITED KINGDOM

For his fourth time teaching for Fort Worden Kitemakers, Paul brings a pair of  box kites to choose from: a classic British telephone box or Dr. Who’s Tardis/police box. They are both single celled boxes having different details. Join Paul to appliqué, hot cut, and sew (depending on your choice) and end the day with a very unique kite.
Beginning Kitemaking     photo
Gerry Pennell    Olympia, Washington

Another of our long time teachers (23 times!) is Gerry, who is our beginning kite sewing teacher. This is the place to start if you have never sewn a kite. Learn basics plus make a wonderful Gregor Hip Pocket Hybrid sled kite or a rainbow windsock.
Let’s Create an Asian Style Banner     photo       second photo
Cindy Thrall    Portland, Oregon 

Be creative with 6 panels of ripstop nylon, fabric paints in pots and tubes and spray bottles, canned spray paints and inks, masking materials, stamps, stencils, ripstop for appliqué, and more. Put them together with black panels and create your very unique banner. Join Cindy in her first time teaching at our conference.
Jordan Airform 27 kite         photo         second photo          
Rod Thrall    Portland, Oregon 

Rod joins Cindy as another first time teacher at FWKC. Rod will give students an opportunity to build a Jordan Airform 27. This is a 27 square foot foil type kite. Do you want a very personalized Jordan Airform? Not a problem since you can decorate the face of the kite before the conference if you so desire. Enjoy a day building your kite with one of the Northwest's premier kitebuilders.
TYRO Ultralight kite      photo         second photo    J
Jon Trennepohl    Plymouth, Michigan

Jon is our 4th first time FWKC teacher. Coming from Michigan, he brings an indoor suspended wing delta he calls the TYRO to sew, bridle and frame. Learn and use sewing techniques not often heard of in kite workshops such as flat felled seams and rolled hems. Not an indoor kite flyer? Not a problem. The TYRO is a no wind/low wind outdoor kite, too.
12-Cell Gobel Star kite          photo         second photo      third photo                          
Deb Tumminia    Lincoln City, Oregon                                              

Join Deb in her twenty-fourth time teaching for Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference and make a beautiful Gobel Star. This one has 12 cells, definitely a standout in the sky.
“Hi-Flier” replica: Jolly Roger Top Flight kite       photo            
Bob and Charmayne Umbowers    Gig Harbor, Washington

For their fifteenth time teaching for Fort Worden Kitemakers, Bob and Charmayne offered us an old classic reborn. Spend the day to build a large ripstop nylon replica of the 1950's Top Flite Jolly Roger pirate paper kite.