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2017  Classes


The 2017 conference is open for registration!  We have 4 first time Ft. Worden teachers, many favorite old reliables, 3 Inter2017 logonational teachers plus our locals and our "long distance" locals. Our teachers have several centuries of combined kite building experience and knowledge! We have 1/2 day classes, full day classes, and 1.5 and 2 day classes; we have kites you sew and kites you don't; there are beginning and intermediate and experienced level classes; we have kites, kite trains, and line laundry. Complete descriptions are available to help you with your choices by clicking on the DETAILS tab above. The classes description PDF expands the descriptions of each class and has the class kit cost, kite building experience level you need, and supplies to bring plus when it will be taught. The DETAILS tab also has all the registration information you will need plus the link to our new on-line registration process.

Below are brief descriptions of each class and photos. If you are looking for color choice information for Dick's Drum Box class and Phil's Ice Crystal class, you are in the right place. Scroll down to open the picture links.


Rockin' Roller kite           photo     decorated kite pictures:      second photo      third photo
Rod Beamguard n   Washington

This year Rod offers a kite which is a very stable flier in light to medium winds, while maintains a high angle of flight. Perfect for our coast!
Ice Crystal kite            photo        color chart photo       
Phil Broder n   Pennsylvania

The kite Phil brings to us for 2017 is a cellular kite originally made by Armin Krauß from a Carl Robertshaw design. The Ice Crystal is meant to fly in high winds. Your two color kite will be stunning in the sky.
Holey kite          photo        second photo      third photo 
Georgean Curran    Washington

Not a holy kite, not wholly a kite, but a holey kite! Georgean brings us a simple kite with a unique idea. The kite shape is a Hata, the design is anything you dare to remove from the skin!  It is sure to be a fun class.
Northern Sparrow kite train           photo       second photo
Dan Kurahashi    Canada

One of our favorite teachers comes back with his Northern Sparrow train of Tyvek kites. New this year is the double-sided appearance. No more white kite train from the rear. It is super!
Heart kites             photo        second photo 
René Maier            Switzerland

René, one of our new teachers for 2017, is bringing us a simple class project that will capture your heart strings and be the heart throb of the skies. Beautiful and elegant.

Delta Delirium kite      photo         second photo 
Barb Meyer    Minnesota

Barb comes back "home"  from the Midwest with another fun kite to have in your kite bag... Spend a day with Barb to build a delta sled! Beginners as well as experienced kitemakers will be happy building this kite.
Mockform kite       photo          second photo
Don Mock    Washington 

By request! Don will help you through this 2-day class building his 60 square foot Mockform using your uniquely designed face panels.
Half Square Triangles Della Porta kite         photo           second photo
Ron Ortega    Washington

Learn Ron's simple, low-tech technique to develop symmetrical designs using half-square triangles. Design your pattern and then mass produce the half-square triangles for your 40” square Della Porta kite.

Beginning Kitemaking     photo       photos of Charmayne's grandchildren's Hip Pocket Hybrid kites  second photo
Gerry Pennell    Washington

Another of our long time teachers (24 times!) is Gerry, who is our beginning kite sewing teacher. This is the place to start if you have never sewn a kite. Learn basics plus make a wonderful Gregor Hip Pocket Hybrid sled kite. This little kite is fantastic for all the young children and grandchildren you encounter in your life and on the beach. Your other project option is a classic rainbow windsock.
Drumbox kite     photo       second photo     third photo        color choice photo
Dick Toonen    The Netherlands

Another international teacher coming in 2017 is Dick Toonen. He brings us the fantastic drum box kite. You will want a "score" of them in your aerial display!
Piecing together like Bobby Stanfield, a kite          photo                     
Deb Tumminia   Oregon 

Be creative with spray tack and ripstop nylon! In Deb's Della Porta class, you will assemble the kite skin with black strips front and back, the Bobby Stanfield method. Choose your colors and pattern for a "uniquely yours" kite!
Zwirbel Line Laundry          photo          video                          
Charmayne Umbowers    Washington                                              

Spend a half day with the Umbowers and construct the sensational spinning Zwirbel. Hard? Not really. Tricky? A little. Amazing on your kite's line? You bet! And they are sure to give line laundry tips and tricks, too.
Split Eddy kite       photo         second photo          
Bob Wendt      Washington

For Bob's teaching début, he will showcase an original design. It is an Eddy kite which has a panel inserted between the two halves and a conyne style box keel. Add a fuzzy tail and you will have a new kite in your bag, ready to fly on your next outing.