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2018 Classes and Instructors


2018 FWKC LogoWe have completed the selection of our teachers for the 2018 conference and it is another great slate. Mark your calendar now for March 15 - 18, 2018.

The following kite makers have accepted an invitation to teach at the 2018 Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference: Dave Butler, Ken Conrad, Ron Gibian, Beth Gouldin, Ralf Maserski, Ken McNeill, Cliff Pennell, Gerry Pennell, Suzanne Sadow, Linda Sanders and Deb Tumminia. We will have 1/2 day classes, 1 day and 1-1/2 day classes. We have beginner, intermediate, and experienced level classes. We will offer kites and banners, miniature kites and large cellular kites. You can sew or not sew. Most classes use ripstop but some use paper or plastic. Below are photos of the projects and brief descriptions. Additional information will be released in the coming months so watch for that on our website.

If you are interested in teaching a class in 2019, please click on the details tab above to find out how to send us your application.

Miniature kite           photo
Dave Butler n   Tigard, Oregon

We are Happy to be having Dave back to teach his amazing miniature kites with the celtic shield design. Learn to use Dave's methods to blend inks and to frame the paper for flight.
Floater kite            photo        photo 2       
Ken Conradn   Seattle, Washington

A familiar face at Ft Worden, Ken will be joining us again this year as a teacher with his Floater kite. This kite flies and floats on light winds like a fighter kite and, with the addition of a tail, becomes a more stable flier.
Kinnara kite          photo        photo 2      photo 3 
Ron Gibian    Visalia, California

Ron will be teaching his Kinnara, a shield-like kite that has been a very popular presentation at Fano and U-MAKE.
Kitemakers Roundtable
Ron Gibian    Visalia, California

Ron will moderate a roundtable where Kitemakers can discuss those techniques or problems most dear to your hearts.
Color Theory for kite making             photo         photo 2         photo 3         photo 4
Beth Gouldin            San Francisco, California

Beth has been coming to Ft Worden Kitemakers for several years and this year will be sharing her knowledge of color and design. Beth is an accomplished artist and we look forward what she has to offer.
Positive-Negative kite      photo         photo 2 
Ralf Maserski    Dortmund, Germany

Ralf once again will be coming from Germany to teach one of his innovative designs. Ralf will be sharing he Positive/Negative design - two kites from one idea
Vixen cellular kite       photo       photo 2       photo 3       photo 4
Ken McNeill    Lenoir, North Carolina 

This year Ken will be rejoining us with a single line cellular kite. Ken has been well known for his sport kite designs and also puts that kind of thought into single line kites. His project this year will be an improved variation of the kite pictured.
Scrap Rokkaku         photo 
Cliff Pennell    Olympia, Washington

Cliff has an idea on how to use up those scraps of ripstop that you've been saving, and will be leading his class through the process of turning your scraps into a beautiful rokkaku.
Beginning Kitemaking     photo       photo 2
Gerry Pennell    Washington

Another of our long time teachers (24 times!) is Gerry, who is our beginning kite sewing teacher. This is the place to start if you have never sewn a kite. Learn basics plus make a wonderful Gregor Hip Pocket Hybrid sled kite or a classic rainbow windsock.
Nishi Sled & The Original Zigzaggy box kite     photo       photo 2     photo 3        photo 4
Suzanne Sadow    Seattle, Washington

Suzanne is sharing 2 of her wonderful small kites with us this year. The first is the Nishi sled - a wonderful little kite that can be taken along anywhere. The second is the Zigzaggy box kite. This little cellular kite is happy bouncing around in the sky.
Down Under SkyFeather Banner          photo         photo 2
Linda Sanders     Willunga, Australia

Linda will once again be joining us from Australia to share her marvelous inlaid applique technique with no back-cutting to construct beautiful banners using quiet 200D flag nylon. Pre-class you will choose your own design layout via email. In class you'll buld your 14.5 ft design as if you were working in leadlight.
Show your colors with a banner          photo                          
Deb Tumminia     Lincoln City, Oregon

With sadness, this class has been cancelled.
Linda Sanders has graciously agreed to present her Pixels From Down Under banner class (see photo) on Friday in Deb's place.