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As always we are hard at work! Already! The Curriculum Committee is working on the 2018 conference. Applications have started arriving. We'd love to have yours if you are interested in teaching a class. Please submit your's from this page. We will post the preliminary teacher list as soon as it’s ready this summer. Be sure you are on our email list so you will be notified and kept up to date. The finalized list and the registration materials will be posted later in the fall. Past year's classes can be found to the left. Below are photos of several projects offered at our conference in past years. It would be great to have you join us at our next conference.

  D. Cooley  M. Engbaum  M. Engbaum  Morgan telephone box
R. Hoffman  D. Ellis  R. Beamguard  P. Horner
Dietrich's Star  Umbowers' King of the Airs  Beamgard's Barn Door  Hilsenbek's Donzella’s “Monobloc”