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2019 Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference Instructors


2018 FWKC LogoInstructors for the 2019 conference have been set and it is another great slate! Mark your calendar now for March 14 - 17, 2019.

The following kite makers have accepted an invitation to teach at the 2019 Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference: Robert Brasington, Rod Beamguard, Phil Broder, Beth Gouldin, Chris Hanson, Lindsey Johnson, Carveth Kramer, Dan Kurahashi, Barbara Meyer, Gerry Pennell, Rob Pratt and Anke Sauer. We will have classes lasting from 1/2 day to 2 full days. We have beginner, intermediate, and experienced level classes. We will offer kites and banners, miniature kites and large cellular kites. You can sew or not sew. Most classes use ripstop but some use paper or plastic.

Below are photos of the projects and brief descriptions. Additional information will be released soon and registration will open November 3, so watch for that on our website.

If you are interested in teaching a class in 2020, please click on the details tab above to find out how to send us your application.

Deb kite            photo       
Rod Beamguardn   Vancouver, Washington

In 2019 Rod will be teaching a favorite Trapadela kite to honor the memory of Deb Tuminia, a long time teacher and friend of Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference.
Stealth Delta kite           photo
Robert Brasington n   St Helens, Tasmania, Australia

We are happy to welcome back Robert Brasington from Tasmania to teach his Stealth Delta. Using Robert’s applique techniques and templates, students will create a striking 10 foot delta that’s a super flyer.
Parasled 100 kite          photo        photo 2 
Phil Broder    Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Another returning teacher is Phil Broder who will be teaching a Parasled 1 meter kite. This project is a great intro into soft kite making. This is a nice small soft kite, a good beginner to intermediate project.
Marker-painted Mini Kite             photo
Beth Gouldin            San Francisco, California

Beth will be returning again in 2019 to teach how to use markers in layers on glassine for a stained glass look and also the application of color theory. The result will be a decorated mini kite of glassine and bamboo.
Tri-D Box kite      photo         photo 2 
Chris Hanson    Bellingham, Washington

Chris, another popular instructor (and 2018 AKA Grand National Champion kitemaker!! - Congratulations Chris!), will be teaching his Tri-D box kite. Using a sewing guide for straight edges, 3D printed parts, and jigs for easy final assembly, students will leave with a cool cellular kite and the ability to make more at home for a Tri-D train.
So-Sew Tametomo kite       photo       photo 2
Lindsey Johnson    Lincoln City, Oregon 

We’re glad to welcome Lindsey to teach his So-Sew Tametomo kite. Lindsey will introduce you to 3D printed kite parts with this inspiring 30” x 90” plus tail project that leaves a lot of room for graphics and makes a statement in the sky.
Butterfly or Sunset Banners         photo 
Carveth Kramer    Taos, New Mexico

Carveth Kramer will be joining us from New Mexico to teach a Butterfly or Sunset banner. This full-size flowing banner will teach students all aspects of banner making.
Flapping Raven and Snowy Owl kites     photo       photo 2       photo 3
Dan Kurahashi    Burnaby, BC, Canada

We're happy to have Dan back for 2019 to teach the Flapping Raven kite. This kite is interesting to build and amazing to watch fly as it mimics the bird’s flapping wings. The Raven will be offered on Friday. Dan will also present his Snowy Owl kite in the Sunday morning session. Make one or make both!
Pencil Banner          photo
Barbara Meyer
    Maple Grove, Minnesota

Barbara will once again be joining us this year to teach her Pencil banner. This is a great project to fill up a campsite with fun, yet compact, color! Offered twice during the weekend.
Beginning Kitemaking     photo
Gerry Pennell    Olympia, Washington

Another of our long time teachers (25 times!) is Gerry, who is our beginning kite sewing teacher. This is the place to start if you have never sewn a kite. Learn basics plus make a wonderful Gregor Hip Pocket Hybrid sled kite or a classic rainbow windsock.
Sand Bag Anchor          photo
Rob Pratt
    Lacey, Washington

Rob will be teaching how to make your own sand bags and sand anchors from inexpensive tarps. These anchors weigh almost nothing and are easy to transport – invaluable beach accessories for any SLK flyer. Offered twice during the weekend.
Jack ‘n the Box kite          photo          photo 2                
Anke Sauer     Rheinlandpfalz, Germany

We're very pleased to announce that Anke Sauer of Germany has accepted our invitation to teach in 2019! Anke will be teaching her Jack in the box kite, a truly astounding paper kite with a unique construction method.
Kitemakers Roundtable
Chris Hanson and Lindsey Johnson  

Two of our awesome instructors will moderate a roundtable where Kitemakers can discuss those techniques or problems most dear to your hearts.