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Archive of Ft. Worden Pins

The first Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference was held in 1983. Conference pins were not made for the first few years. The planning committee created the first pin in 1990. It was a simple rectangle, gold and black, and not dated. That same year, a few pin collectors decided our conference was a great opportunity to add another pin to their collection. Their red and yellow pin was not sanctioned by the Ft. Worden planning committee. 1990 pins

From 1991 thru 1993, there was only one pin each year. 1994 thru 2003 saw two pin versions: the official conference pin was given or sold to attendees plus a “thank you” pin was given to teachers, teacher’s assistants, staff, and volunteers. Also in 2003, Fort Worden gave a pin to those participating in the Fort Worden kite fly at the Washington State International Kite Festival.

The official conference pin gets it's design from the current year's logo. Most of them highlight a kite to be taught at the conference. Pins vary in shape and size, color scheme, and type of metal used.

Since 2004 the number of pin versions has gradually increased. In 2009, five pins were made, available mainly as thank you's to the people making the conference possible. Categories can include staff, teachers, volunteers, newcomers. These pins only vary in color from the official pin.

In 2005 the planning committee added a special limited edition pin. This pin is a unique color version and only six are made. These six pins are used as raffle give-a-ways during the current conference. The special limited edition raffel pin continues today.

The Ft. Worden Vice President maintains an Archival Pin display. It contains one of each pin sold or given away. These pins are on display at all conferences.

Use the thumbs below to see photos of the pins. It is like taking a walk through our conference’s history.

Thank you for visiting the Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference pin archive.


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1990-2001 2002-2005 2006-2010