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A Big Thank You From the Raffle Team!

Thank you to all who donated items and bought tickets during this past conference! If it weren’t for all of you, we wouldn’t have the great raffle that we do. It is amazing the variety of kite related items we get, not to mention all the wonderful kites.

Fort Worden Raffle

Yes, we will have a raffle at the next Kitemaker's Conference located at the Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center in Stanwood, Washington. 

This is how our raffle works:

The Raffle Team will accept your donations of kites and kite related items when you arrive at the Warm Beach Center on Thursday. They can be dropped off  after you register or any time Friday or early in the day Saturday.  You can help us by downloading the form and having it filled in ahead of time and bringing it with your items. We will start selling tickets on Thursday. Put your name on the back of the tickets and "shop" for the items you would like to win.

The first raffle will start Friday morning at breakfast and continues at each meal through Saturday night. You do not need to be present to win since your name is on the back of those tickets! This works!  Remember to bring your name stamp or labels. You must be a registered Conference member to participate in the raffle due to state law.

The success of the raffle and Conference is dependent on you and your donations and ticket purchases.  We appreciate each donation and each person making the donation. All the money raised by the raffle helps make Ft. Worden Kitemakers Conference at Warm Beach possible and to be the excellent experience it is.  If you can’t make the conference and want to donate items to the raffle, please send an email to me, Kara.

photo by Holm Struck
Think about possible raffle donations all year as you shop and attend kite events and build new kites. We would love to have all the fun kites and kite items you find and make.

  Tickets 4 for $1.00!


   Looking forward to our next Conference!


   Kara and the team



photo by Kara Zubal

photo by Patrick Mann

raffle item

photo by Rob Pratt


Send email to Kara.